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Additional Information:

1] Bridge can be set up to use catenary;

2] Most of the rods and shapes are already combined so that assembly is much faster than one might assume;

3] Bridge brass is a heavier gauge than usual;

4] Design follows actual bridge design practices so that the details are viable. 

 1081 Z Scale LONG PRATT TRUSS BRIDGE, 224' - #1081 brass kit - $118.00  

Unsupervised metalworking is not recommended for children under the age of 14 years.

 Bridge Features: Specifications 224' span, single track, cast & riveted iron fittings, rivet plates, and pins. Plenty of height clearance for double stack container freight cars. 35 different rivers to chose from. Designed to fit one MTL flex track length of 12.5" (317mm). Designed per the "Easybrass" philosophy.

Abutments are not included but are available from Loren Synder or John Cubbin, and also available at your favorite Z scale dealers.

Model and scene built by John Cubbin - photo by Jurg Ruedi.