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Kato Mikado with MTL Anniversary Hopper




    Above: Abutment drawing from the full color instructions. Below: Strut assembly shot - edge on.. Photos also in the instructions.

Bridge Features: 153' span, single track, rivet plates, and pins. Plenty of height clearance for double stack container freight cars. River placards. INCLUDED: One 12" length of Micro-Engineering Bridge Track, Code 55. Designed per the "Easybrass" philosophy.Abutments are not included but vital information for building abutments are included in the instructions: see above. 

Additional Information:

1] Most of the shapes are already combined so that assembly is much faster than one might expect.

2] Bridge brass is a heavy gauge, making it very sturdy when assembled.

3] Design follows actual bridge design principals for pin and rod steel truss bridges.

N SCALE PRATT TRUSS BRIDGE, 195.95 - #2083 brass kit -  

 Unsupervised metalworking is not recommended for children under the age of 14 years.