About these shaping tools:

Kalama "Mark II" takes on the Z scale #1039 Knox Chemical Fire Truck chassis. It made every bend to my satisfaction and better than I expected. See "Bending Examples". This tool can be worked with for the majority of our vehicles and smaller structural products. Being smaller, it is just downright handy, being pocketed and carried around to differing work sites.

The Kalama Precision Tools have been copied by other, less careful manufacturers but I prefer the certainty of this tool's quality. For one thing, all the components of Kalama tools are NC machined to close tolerances so that the grip or "bite" of the tool is certain, no slipping, no misshaped or destroyed parts.Reliabilty and perfect shaping trumps wasting one's time and resources.

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The above link shows some of the tough "tiny" bends one might encounter

when building photo etched parts.


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 KALAMA "Mark II" PHOTO ETCH BENDING TOOL - $30.00 - FEATURES: Bed 2.00" x 2.00"; clamp finger area 1.50"x 1.50"; steel dowel guide pins; spring loaded knob for easy die rotation.