ABOVE: It's never easy. This photo from the 1930's says a lot about how hard the work really is. Most of these workers seem to be from eastern europe.-- Duryea, PA ABOVE: Out West, a large crew of Hispanic and African American gandy-dancers are taking a break for this photo. Note that this a a very large hand-car that may have included a foot-brake in it's construction.



 Draftsmen-engineers wanted to get in on this picture and it looks like some of the workers also put on their Sunday best for this shoot. ---circa 1900.

 A shot of Narrow Gauge gandy-dancers. Crew boss in the middle. Circa 1930's ---Australia?



  Post Civil War, 1870's: Inspection team. Hand turned drive wheel.   Gandy-dancers & the"boss-man". --1920's, 1930's.


ABOVE: Maintenance team circa 1880s. One character looks like he's strumming his shovel like a banjo. Left: note the crazy concoction for a baggage cart! Looks like it'd tip over if you just brushed up against it! Good looking depot ---"Oxford".


 Author, Willa Cather, on a velocipede handcar. An independent woman of great energy who understood and wrote about railroading in her stories. --Circa 1910's

 Rail Inspection Vehicles catalog page advertisement. -- Circa 1890's

Fantasy etching of 1890's freight handling. Would that all the horses were white stallions and the roads were as smooth as a billiard table.

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