About Micron Art

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Business established October 1997, Austin Texas.

Not a walk-in store - Micron Art is a design studio.

Telephone: 512-292-7065

Address: 8400 Washita Drive

Austin, TX 78749

Made In USA: All manufacturing is done throughout the United States.Kits, models and artworks are designed, assembled, finished and shipped from our location.

Refund and Replacement Policy

Retail Customers:

Refunds apply to items purchased directly from our website and paid via the PayPal method, or items ordered via telephone or letter and paid by check or money order. We can validate them from our invoiced records.

Defective products will be replaced free of charge upon return of those items.

Missing items will be forwarded to the customer at no charge.

Provided the product has not been obviously used or tampered with, we will replace or refund returned items that are not to a customer's satisfaction upon first examination. A copy of the shipping invoice from the customer will help in expediting this claim. Purchases that are more than two years old are considered final and cannot be refunded.

Dealer Purchases:

Refund rates and restocking fees will be applied and may be ameliorated in consideration of the promotion or advertising efforts of the vendor. Purchases that are more than two years old are considered final and cannot be refunded.

91118 Art & Crafts Movement

Etched "scratch" windows and doors for building your own designs.

General Statement - Below, I've outlined some of the standards that have been set for Micron Art. These statements are mostly about our model railroad kits. Artworks, finished models, history and transportation discussions are also welcome digressions that have been better engaged thru email correspondences and telephone conversations.

Enduring Products - In this case we have a metal model that should with care, be able to be handed down and enjoyed for at least a few generations.

Pleasure In Building - A customer should find a relaxing flow of interactions as each step is completed, thus the instructions should be clearly illustrated and logically thought out to support this experience.

Skill Enhancement - One of the most beneficial consequences of being a model railroader are the skill sets acquired as we build. We do pick up new techniques and knowledge from this far reaching hobby. You can count on it.

Spending Time - What do we do with our time anyway? Watch TV Cook Play with the dog? I watch TV, cook and occasionally run around with the dog too, but I also find that it is not a waste of my time to build scenery, install track and run trains. These are activities where I have to think, plan and physically partake; those are the "values" acquired from those activities (and in addition, I plan to take up growing a vegetable garden this year. Value galore!)

Also, we should not neglect to get younger kids involved with trains under adult supervision. To a young person, trains are absolutely fascinating. Children will come to train activities for a time and go away from them as well. Best not to push it too hard. According to legal statements our models are "not for children under 14 years of age" and 99% of the time I would agree. Just keep your eyes open for the exceptional - they should be challenged as well as helped when they show enthusiasm. For the most part though, our kits are recommended for adult women and men.

Expression, Use & Thought - Over the years we have accumulated a wonderful portfolio of photographs of finished models built from our kits by customers. I am constantly surprised by the creativity and variation that our builders come up with. Some customers go way beyond our own provision of materials. These customers use our materials as kind of a "template" and then re-design and enhance some details using their own outstanding skills. For the most part though, our products are complete as is.