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Above: Photo of N Scale version, painted with terracotta color slate roof.


Above: Photo of Z Scale version, painted with olivine color slate roof.

 N Scale CAPITAL CITY DEPOT - #2015rA - $169.95

NEW REVISION, Much easier assembly but baggage cart & buckboard have been deleted to keep the etched prices down. 

   Available in N & Z scale. Kit has the most complete and easy to follow instructions we have ever produced. Finials are white metal. From left to right the station was organized: Bastion with telegraph office; Ladie's Waiting Room; Ticket Office; Men's Waiting Room; Lunch Room; Passage; Baggage House.


 Based upon the International & Great Northern Railroad station,3rd street and Congress Avenue, Austin Texas, 1888.For more about the builder and the I-GNRR see: I&GNRR Station History

Unsupervised metalworking is not recommended for children under the age of 14 years.

 Other photos: 1]Renovation of 1923 _2]Buckboard Passing By_3] Two Cowboys Leaning on the Bastion.

All old photos courtesy of the Austin History Center.