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Z Scale METAL FOUNDRY - #1011 rev A

Now includes a Vincent motorcycle, a handcar w/Fox Valley metal wheels, "tweezer tilt"© ladder rungs, 17 workers & supervisors, steel stack wires, oil drum & platform and a barking dog.

Z scale footprint is 5.3" long x 3" wide

Structural improvements include: folding base foundation, fitting boxes for the roof ventilators, insertion tabulation for the roofs and many more....


FEATURES: Large upper case windows that rotate as shown. Sliding doors slide and large railway doors are hinged and swing open and closed. There are eye-cleats for the smokestack stay wires. Ventilation duct hoods are cast alloy. Brass telescoping tubing makes the smokestacks very easy to assemble and are pre-cut to length. Kit provides materials for at least one hand car to be built. Model is a variation of an authentic building used by the Chicago Burlington and Quincy railroad.

 Unsupervised metalworking is not recommended for children under the age of 14 years.