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 It's early Spring and a new crossover and siding has to be built, but nothing gets started until a full set of drawings of the plat and easements have been drafted. The transit (theodolite) is set but the range pole needs to be moved out another twenty five feet before the draftsman will take the angles. An apprentice is walking over to the rodman to hold the measuring tape.

Footprint Length of Z scale Yard Drafting Office; 1.727" 

Footprint Width of Z scale Yard Drafting Office; .679"

Height to roof peak Office; .618"

Footprint Length of each Z scale Storage Shed; .633"

Footprint Width of each Z scale  Storage Shed; .378"


Unsupervised metalworking is not recommended for children under the age of 14 years.

Super detail features: Photo etch structures; Survey crew; Transit & range pole; Window glazing (acetate film); Pre-cut metal shapes; Fully illustrated color instructions.  Z Scale YARD BUILDINGS-$27.50 (3 STRUCTURES)