Motorcycle Second Article Inspection

N Scale version shown. IT"S HERE!

N SCALE LINK for purchase



These 3 photos represent the motorcycle in relationship to our N scale 2021rA Model T Touring Car.

 BELOW: Stages 1. 2 & 3 of Z Scale Motorcycle #1026 Assembly

 BELOW: "Bug" tool used as a holder, not for bending this time. Excellent holder for this assembly!











BELOW: Port & Starboard picts of Z scale motorcycle.

Z SCALE LINK for purchase






 ABOVE: 3 side by side shots of the N & Z figures examining the Vincents. Except for the yellow hat, the N figure could be an Amish farmer deciding to go "mechanical" by the charm and beauty of the vehicle while the Z scale businessman is pondering getting rid of his gas guzzler in trade for a more "fuel efficent" one. But it is not "fuel economy" that is motivating these guys; it is the evolution of the visible motor power, the freedom of motion in the slipstream of air and the design clarity of many motorcycles that is trumping all those multi-million dollar advertising campaigns that the automakers and dealers glut the airwaves with. Practically screaming: "Buy our boring look-alike, road-hogging cages!!!"